What Do You Do?

I’m glad you asked! As I want to start a conversation with you. I do care what you do but I care more if you enjoy it. Me? I’m a business owner. I work my own hours, I enjoy the perks of owning my own business, I put smiles on people’s faces all while never missing a family event and still holidaying once or twice a year.
I also get to do what I love. I create. I create beautiful things. Beautiful things that I love to share with others. I also want to help others create.
Annual15_p023_aI’m now restless in my business and ready to go into phase 2. See on the top of my page where it says ‘Join My Team’. It’s a bit of a fib. I don’t have a team…yet! This is my phase 2.
I want to recruit my team now. I want to be your coach. I’m ready to share my dos and don’ts of running your own business. Share the great resources that I’ve been privy to and motivate you to do well.
Yep there’s something in it for me! With my first recruit I’ll get a promotion, Silver from Bronze Elite. Sounds grand hey? It is and it’s just a step up the rung that has many more to go with many great opportunities. The incentives and rewards are awesome. I also make more money as you make more money.
How much money you make is up to you. You put in the effort the rewards are there and with your first recruit there are more rewards and promotions for you too. The advantages aren’t just about the money and incentives. As a team we’ll build a network of supporters and lifetime friendships.SAB_botanicals1
The advantages of being in a creative team are tremendous. Inspire, create and share with each other. When a new catalogue comes out we want everything in it NOW but as we build our business this is not always something we can afford. The answer is product shares. Everyone chips in for a percentage of the product and it is separated and shared amongst the participants. Swaps are also a great way to share product ideas so your customers get to touch and feel without you going to the expense of having it all. This may also suit hobby demonstrators as well, meet your minimum monthly quarter and you still get the advantage of discounted products. The opportunity of taking your demonstratorship further will always be there when you are ready as I am now.
SP_Week 1With the internet our reach goes further than our back yard and if you are located in another town or state this is not a disadvantage. A Facebook group page is the best way for us to communicate and share our projects, ideas and business resources. Along with annual Stampin’ Up! get together and other events we have some fun whilst learning great new techniques and playing with soon to be released products. This is just the beginning and I’m sure we’ll come up with other ways to make our team awesome.
Well there you go, I’ve put it all out there. Let’s do this! Let’s become a force to be reckoned with.
It’s the best time of year to join Stampin’ Up! During Sale-A-Bration, you can become a demonstrator for just $169 and choose $60 more of FREE products for your Starter Kit. Plus, the kit ships for free!

Sign up here or Contact me here if you have any questions.



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