Throwback Thursday Vol 1.3

With Mother’s Day this Sunday it only feels right that this weeks Throwback Thursday is about my mum, Vanessa Lyn Wright and grandmother Linda Margaret Avenell. Now and growing up my relationship with my mum is wonderful, I am her oldest and the only daughter of three children. My mother herself is the oldest child of a… Continue reading Throwback Thursday Vol 1.3

Throwback Thursday Vol 1.2

Before moving to King Island, my life was vastly different than it is now. Talk about a Sea Change. I grew up in land locked Katherine, Northern Territory in Australia. School days where filled with friends I had known all my life and school holiday were about camping and fishing trips with my family. With… Continue reading Throwback Thursday Vol 1.2

Throwback Thursday Vol1.1

On this first edition of Throwback Thursday I want to share a little about me and where I’ve come from. I had my first child at age 19 and married his father a few years later…you’ll soon learn that I do most things backwards HAHA. My first job as a teenager was aged 13 at… Continue reading Throwback Thursday Vol1.1