Throwback Thursday Vol1.1

On this first edition of Throwback Thursday I want to share a little about me and where I’ve come from. I had my first child at age 19 and married his father a few years later…you’ll soon learn that I do most things backwards HAHA.

My first job as a teenager was aged 13 at our local florist shop. Working on the counter and general clean up on a Saturday morning but my creative side was stronger than me and I was soon making flower arrangements. It felt like it was something I was born to do. The scent of the flowers and the charm of the colours, it was my first romance and how I lived for those Saturdays and school holidays. When the opportunity came up to make the transition from 16 year old part time and school girl to trainee, I never hesitated. Nor did my parents. I guess they saw how I blossomed (excuse the pun) and I soon became a fully fledged tax payer and contributor to society.

When my son was 9 months old I opened my own shop and it became real…life that is! Balancing home life, a baby and a business.  The desire to have a another child became stronger and the balance was just not there anymore. We also owned 2 other business and was not finding the joy in my work as I once had so I decided to sell.

A Little time later we welcomed our second son and I was working flexible hours in our other businesses and life was on balance again.

In reflection, I was so young and didn’t have a real appreciation of what I had achieved. As I look back I wished I had taken it a little more seriously but that’s with the benefit of hind sight.

Live, Love and Laugh my friends,



I appreciate any comments and questions you have. Thank you.

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