Throwback Thursday Vol 1.2

Before moving to King Island, my life was vastly different than it is now. Talk about a Sea Change. I grew up in land locked Katherine, Northern Territory in Australia.

School days where filled with friends I had known all my life and school holiday were about camping and fishing trips with my family. With 2 younger brothers I guess I was a bit of a tomboy but my parents did not teach us about gender stereotype. My brothers were expected to do dishes and I had my fair share of pushing the lawn mower around in the backyard. My dad was an amazing  DIYer and I soon learnt how to mix and lay concrete.

Not many girls can say they knew how to weld at age 14 and I know my husband gets a tickle when he comes home and the cordless drill is sitting on the dining table because I’ve just put another shelf up or made something for our home. He said he really knew I was the girl for him when fitting a new shower head in our en suite and I told him that he went in the wrong direction when putting the plumber’s tape on.

In the later years my ex-husband and I owned several rural properties including a cattle station. This was our very own patch of heaven.

The smell of campfire, the dust and tranquility was a short lived break from our regular life of nights working in our Tavern and Restaurant and days on our Mango farms and packing house.

I’ve had a such a diverse life in my short 40 odd years and I can say there may be little I have tried my hand to. These life experiences have helped me grow and become the woman I am today.  I like who I am. Not an easy thing to say because as many highs there have been the lows. Again, just more life experiences.

Live, Laugh and Love my friends, June

I appreciate any comments and questions you have. Thank you.

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