3 Cards 1 Stamp Set – Vintage Leaves By Stampin’ Up!

Colour is such a motivator and can really set a occasion. A room paint blue feels cool and tranquil and as for a room painted in neutral tones can feel organic and rustic. It’s not a coincidence that Coca Cola packaging is in Red giving the feeling of fun, energy and is eye catching.

Selecting the colour of your card front is equally as important to set the mood. Traditionally Christmas cards are created with primary tones such as Red and Green. Metallic colours are often used for a sense of glamour where as White for it’s clean and crisp appearance.

You will find the card samples I have made using Stampin’ Up!s Vintage Leaves stamp set great examples of this. I stayed with a similar layout to make the comparison much more obvious.

Hello Honey, Happy Birthday!

I wouldn’t say Yellow is my favourite colour and I have to be in a special kind of mood to wear it. I have challenged myself to use colours and colour combos I would usually avoid and to be honest after working on christmas cards for months it nice to get away from the reds, greens, gold and silver. Check my Photo Gallery to see some samples.

What Do You Do?

I’m glad you asked! As I want to start a conversation with you. I do care what you do but I care more if you enjoy it. Me? I’m a business owner. I work my own hours, I enjoy the perks of owning my own business, I put smiles on people’s faces all while never missing a family event and still holidaying once or twice a year.
I also get to do what I love. I create. I create beautiful things. Beautiful things that I love to share with others. I also want to help others create.