Stampin’ Up! Product Spotlight – Spiral Flower Originals Die

Spiral flower blog post topperHello Stampers’

I recently did a post of my Easter Market treats. One of them was this lollipop which made the centers of  these gorgeous flowers. To do this I simply cut out the die, using a bone folder and curled the paper. Punch out a hole using a small hole punch in the center of the last large Petal. Put the stick through the hole and slide to sit under the lolly.  Using a glue gun first place a small spot about half way down the lollipop ball and place the small petal end onto the glue ensuring it is cooled and stuck before going any further. Consider how tight you would like the flower as you wrap and randomly place glue to keep petals in place. The end threaded through the stick should be aloud to swivel as you wind but once flower is wrapped needs to be secured with hot glue to base of the lolly ball. Using a punch of your choice you can add leaves to decorate and also to hide the bottom of the flower.  I would suggest using DSP as it is a little easier to work with than cardstock and you can use wet glue of any type but for the sake of speed I love using a heat gun.

Watering Can Lollipop Flower

Be prepared if your are precious about your creations as the only way to eat the lollipop is to tear up the paper hehe.

Stampin’ Up! has a great tutorial of how to assemble the die so I would suggest having a look at it, I’ve posted it below.

Product List

Happy stampin’

I appreciate any comments and questions you have. Thank you.

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