KISS with Ribbons and Lace

Hi Stampers, KISS = Keep It Super Simple. Something I struggle with at times but it doesn’t mean you have to forgo the extras. Ribbon is a great way to add flair and it doesn’t have to be just the traditional tied bow. The new 1″ Dotted Trim Lace Ribbons featured in the new 2015-2016… Continue reading KISS with Ribbons and Lace

OMG – Oh My Gift Bag Punch Board

Hi Stampers, With the release of the 2015-2016 Stampin’ Up! Annual Catalogue we see lots of new and excited products. I’ve been playing with the Gift Bag Punch Board (GBPB). To say I am smitten with it is an understatement. I received my box of Sneak Peak Products on friday and as I pulled the GBPB from the… Continue reading OMG – Oh My Gift Bag Punch Board

Self Appointed Queen of Pinterest

It would be a mild understatement to say I love Pinterest. Currently I have 173 boards, 5,957 Pins, 67 Likes, 3,638 Followers and Following 635 Pinners. Trust me, there are pinners that make my numbers look miniscule. When I opened my Pinterest account only a few years ago, I had no idea I would find it the amazing resource it has become for me and also give me such great exposure for my own creations.

Mother’s Day Series – DIY Ceramic Tile Coasters and Gift Box Pt1

 Hello Stampers, Mother’s Day is not far away and to show mum how much you love her doesn’t have to cost the earth. Mums would rather you spend time on them rather than lots of money and there is no better way than with a gift made with your very on hands. She’ll not only… Continue reading Mother’s Day Series – DIY Ceramic Tile Coasters and Gift Box Pt1

Something Lacy and Amazingly Amazing

It’s been just over 2 years since I taught a class and this week I held two. One on Tuesday morning and repeated the class on Thursday night. Had a lovely assortment of attendees with different degrees of paper crafting experience and all achieved making beautiful cards and left with smiles on their faces which is very rewarding.

SANCTUARY : [sangk-choo-er-ee]

noun, plural sanctuaries. 1. a sacred or holy place. Yes, my studio/craft room is my sanctuary, my temple, my holy place. My craft has saved me, given me reason in my life and has healed my soul. I’m sorry if this appears melodramatic but truly it’s true. I won’t disclose the difficulties I endured in my… Continue reading SANCTUARY : [sangk-choo-er-ee]